LolitaLetters post

Name: Annie
Age: 17 (will be 18 in April)
Lives in: Indiana, USA (such a boring place T^T)
Looking for: A girl around the same age as me, from anywhere and everywhere! :D
Interests: DECORA! <3 <3 Decora is the first fashion that really got me into Japan. I love it to death <3 Next would have to be Sweet OTT and sometimes Punk xp
Other interests are VOCALOID, Ikimono Gakari, sewing, cosplay, anime, stickers, manga, sending presents, the Japanese language, the Korean language, K-POP, J-POP, Korean Dramas, and learning about new things ^..^~
About me: I first got into Lolita when I won a cosplay contest at my local anime club about 3 years ago, I won a Gothic&Lolita Bible as the prize. Every since then I've tried to mix it with my Decora style. I couldn't spend alot of money on clothes so I made most of them myself. fuuuuu~~ In 2009 I got accepted into an exchange program to South Korea! My first choice was Japan of course, but all of the spots were filled T^T"" So I left in 2010 and will return in June 2011. As to say, I am currently in South Korea right now :d kukuku
I really love having Pen Pals, an I adore SNAIL MAIL! However, because of my current location I don't tink I will be able to send any snail mail letters. So until June I will have to send e-mails kuuuuu~ :/
I do hope that there are people out there who would like to talk with me! :D
Best Regards,

Post on Daily Lolita~<3

This is my first post to Daily_Lolita
I've been a lurker for quite sometime
But haven't put anything up yet
I recently came back from a 4day tour
trip in Japan :D <3
I went to Bodyline first because
our tour guide only allowed us 1hour to
shop in Takeshita-dori,Harajuku
I wanted a lot more time
This is what I bought

Everything is Bodyline except the socks,
which I just threw on for the picture
I will buy new ones XD
I need to figure out the timer on my camera
Thank you for looking!!


(no subject)

So.. I'm going to JAPAN on Tuesday with a tour group
We will be there for 4days :3
We get to stop in Harajuku <3
I really wish I could just walk around and
go where I want to go..
BUT! This seems like a good start. :]
I can't wait to go to 6%Doki Doki, Bodyline, and
I seriously can't wait to go to a 100yen store XD

About Me! >3>;;

I'm Annie ^-^
I love dressing up in deco-lolita, lolita,
deco, cosplay, and anything fun <3
My hobbies include sewing, dancing,
playing the piano, singing, and studying Japanese.
This fall I will be a freshman in college! I'm super excited ^^
I will try and post my daily outfits on here
as often as possible :D
I really want to learn how to bake sweets, but I have no skills,
so, cheer for me! I'll post how it goes xd
I'm a cat person, I dislike dogs.. >3>